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Mobile Message Encryption


Babel Enterprise - Encrypt and Protect
your Corporate Communication

Cross-Platform (iPhone & Android) protection of your company’s communication – protect your company’s communication from outside intruders by implementing our unique solution, which gives you your own in-house encrypted communication channel.

Enterprise software development


OKsystem is a leading European
IT services provider.

Headquartered in Prague in the Czech Republic. Drawing on the rich resources and excellent talent pool of Europe's new tech capital, you can rely on OKsystem's world-class experience to deliver first-class results for your organization.

Mobile App Development


Mobility is the new game-changer.

It is transforming entire social structures, political systems and up-ending traditional economics. Smart businesses and organizations can find new and exciting opportunities for engaging & empowering employees, customers & communities. Talk to us about how we can help you.

OKsystem is a leading European IT Services provider headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic

Our goal at OKsystem is to combine professional software development with attractive design - delivering a comfortable and user-friendly experience when using our software products.

Our secret sauce is the care and personal attention we bring to every single project. We will take time to understand your need before we propose our solution.

Software can be a game-changer for you. You can have confidence working with OKsystem.

Radek Komanický
CIO at Raiffeisenbank


At Raiffeisenbank we constantly think of security and trustworthiness. We proceeded from this principle when selecting software and smart cards that we use for the secure login of users to the banking system. OKsystem´s​ solution allows to use various types of chip cards for logical access to the information system, digital signature and encryption. During implementation we also appreciated the open and flexible approach of the supplier.