A platform used for electronic identification documents with an embedded biometric component.

Electronic document BioP@ss

The BioP@ss international project (led by MEDEA+/CATRENE/EUREKA), was finished at the beginning of 2011. Based on the set specifications a BioP@ss smart card platform was designed and implemented. The aim was to demonstrate the usability of widespread authentication protocols for secure network communications with smart cards with contactless radio interfaces and a dividing layer of middleware between the web server and the client. The project’s overall capacity was more than 105 man-years. OKsystem participated in this international research project within the so called “Demonstrator”.

In cooperation with:

  • France: Gemalto, CEA-Leti, Id3 semiconductors, NXP Semiconductors F, STMicroelectronics
  • Hungary: Compuworks
  • Germany: Giesecke&Devrient, Infineon technologies, NXP Semiconductors G
  • Sweden: Precise Biometrics
  • Czech Republic: OKsystem

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