Blockchain technology

BabelApp is an instant messaging platform for secure communication. It enables encrypted messages, documents, photos and files to be sent and stored on both mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop devices (Windows, MacOS). BabelApp also provides encrypted calls between mobile devices within the data network through VoIP. BabelApp combines the best cryptographic algorithms and protocols, including blockchain, to protect your communication and information against both active and passive cyber-attacks.

Once subscribers activate blockchain protection, a record of their public key used for encryption and its association with their entity is written to the blockchain database (using Bitcoin). This data, unalterably is recorded in the blockchain database and is then used to verify the authenticity of communication participants, which further contributes to increasing its credibility and security. The communicating party's device automatically verifies that the sender/receiver key used for encryption actually belongs to the other communicating party. This mechanism eliminates the risk of a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks.

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