Information about the use of cookies by the company

1. Cookies:

Cookies are small text file, which are (saved to a users’ device while browsing an internet website. Because of the use of cookies, it is possible to track steps and preferences of each website visitor, easing any future communication for both sides. Company can optimize the look and functionality of websites more effectively so the user does not need to repeat the steps done in the past. (login, preferable sites, etc.)

The user is informed by the “cookies banner” when he or she visits a website for the first time, or after the saved cookies has been removed.

2. Company’s cookies usage:

The company or the third part sets up cookies files as follows:

  1. Relation/technical cookies set up only on reaction of the user and permanently removed after the relation ends. These cookies serve for ensuring technical conditions in the provision of offering an online service, for example for playing video and audio message content.
  2. Permanent cookies are divided to functional one, which are used for repeated login recognition enable personalized functionality (visitor preferences, advert, marketing); and analytical and performance/preference related, helping the company create statistical data about websites usage. Company uses these cookies only with user permission.

3. Permanent cookies storage time:

The company stores permanent cookies from the user login for one year, with users’ permission. After cancelling the permission, permanent cookies are removed.

4. Admission of the third personas:

As part of its activities, the Company also uses third-party services, which provide external services analyzing visits to the Company's website. The use of cookies by these entities is governed by the policies adopted by these third parties and are available as follows:

  1. Google Analytics –
  2. AdWords –
  3. Hotjar –
  4. –
  5. Smartsupp –

5. Processing of personal data by social network operators:

The company's website contains links to social network sites that can process the user's personal information (typically an IP address in conjunction with the visited company's website). This may allow cookies to be implemented in the visitor's browser. The processing of personal data is also governed by the principles adopted by the operators of these social networks, which are available here:

  1. Facebook –
  2. LinkedIn –
  3. Twitter –

6. Accept / decline cookies via browser settings:

The user of the company website has a possibility to enable the website to store cookies on the terminal device or to refuse the use of cookies through the browser settings (usually located in the history of the visited pages). According to the published UOOU opinion, this setting can be considered consent to the processing of personal data, where the browser is a consent mediation tool. If the visitor agrees, the Company will only use cookies in accordance with the purpose set out in Article 2 of this Users Information. If the visitor does not give his / her consent, the Company will only use cookies that comply with Article 2 (a). a) of this Information.

If the user does not turn off cookies and clicks on the "I understand" button in the banner cookies, the company will know that the user agrees to the use of these cookies.

If the use of cookies is deactivated by the user, the company alerts the possible deterioration of the functionality of the website in terms of user comfort.

In Prague on 1 January 2020.

We use cookies to optimize site functionality and deliver best results based on your interests.

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