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The economy was damaged by covid, but it brought opportunities to IT, said Vítězslav Ciml for HN


After two years of covid, this year entrepreneurs and households are facing an energy crisis, high inflation, and the war conflict in Ukraine is making the situation even worse. "However, the…

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Digitization thrives in an open corporate culture, said Vladimír Fuchs in Czech ICT Stars


Digitization in companies is often not as effective as it could be. According to our business director Vladimír Fuchs, the path to success is through an open company culture and a thorough process…

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The generational change in the management of the company was a success, evaluates Martin Procházka in the E15 newspaper


OKsystem has been successfully developing for 32 years, has over 400 employees and a turnover of 700 million crowns. Nevertheless, it is a family business. Martin Procházka spoke in the E15…

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The obstacle to the digitalization of the state is not IT suppliers, but legislation, says Vítězslav Ciml in E15


Many suppliers of IT solutions offer absurdly low hourly rates in state tenders and then catch up with the execution price by many times overstaffing. What needs to be changed so that…

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How to prevent a cyber attack


Corporate cyber security is based on educated and responsible employees, says Jiří Hýzler, head of the OKsystem Training Center. Read what measure he recommends in this article on…

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Easy record of employee testing in OKbase


From 17 January, companies are obliged to preventively test their employees with antigen tests twice a week, regardless of whether employees are vaccinated or have contracted COVID-19. Currently,…

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Vladimír Fuchs: The effects of a cyber attack can be fatal for the company. It also ends with a paralysis of the whole business


At the end of each year, attacks on personal and corporate computers are growing. Vladimír Fuchs, Business Director of  OKsystem, explains in an interview for Zdravotnický deník how to defend…

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Get ready for taxes with us


At the start of 2022 we are organizing the following events and trainings: 18. 1. 2022 – Jana Šmídová’s tax webinar If you need more information on the general issue of annual tax…

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Grants for Employee Training


Develop your employees and keep talented people in the company. You don't have to pay for their education just from your company's budget. You can get a lot of money to develop the…

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Introducing the new OKbase logo


OKbase's comprehensive HR solution is undergoing a significant design change this year. A new look of the web client awaits the user in version 6.0.1 with maximum emphasis on clarity and…

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OKbase Day 2021 was a success


On Thursday, September 23, we hosted the annual meeting of OKbase users in the conference hall. The day, full of lectures, consultations, and discussions, was attended by over 200 participants.

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Petr Červený becomes the new director of the services department in OKsystem


Petr Červený take over the position of Director of the Services Department at OKsystem from 1 July 2020. In the position of Director of the company's most numerous division, he will be mainly in…

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