Smart card-based security.

OKsmart encrypts and protects your data on any computer. Electronic signatures, authentication and encryption have never been easier.

Smart card software

OKsmart 3 is a new generation of software for integrating cryptographic smart cards into Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems. Electronic signatures, authentication, and encryption can be performed transparently and securely with a smart card.


No manual installation of smard card drivers for Windows needed. Use your card in all applications without any problems.

Easy Smart Card Management

You can manage all data on the card in the web portal.

Digital certificates

You can use MS Windows internal certificate authority or use external certificates of external providers.

E-mail Encryption

You can use MS Windows internal certificate authority or use external certificates of external providers.

Issue cards by yourself

OKsmart is compatible with OKbase Smart Card Management System. Your administrator can easily initialize, personalize, and manage the smart card life cycle.

More platforms

The smart card can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS.

On OKsmart 3.0 the applet is located on the card chip

Applet is fully compatible with Microsoft Smart Card Minidriver Specification. This allows Windows 7 and later versions to automatically install necessary drivers for using smartcards on any computer that is updated by Windows Update.


  • Work with one card safely on Windows, Linux, iOS, LAN, and on the internet
  • No driver installation for Windows 7 or higher versions
  • OKsmart Manager is a web application, no other installations needed
  • Remote card unblock
  • Support for new types of smartcards and higher security standards
  • Higher speed with applet optimization and faster hardware
  • Plugin for Chrome (50+), Firefox (47+), Internet Explorer (11+)

OKsmart Manager

Web application which helps your work and administrate smartcards.

It is an intuitive application for commanding basic operations. You can change a PIN, unblock the card with PUK or admin key. PKI certificates and keys can be uploaded and deleted.

How smartcard works in Windows

  • Log in to a Windows AD domain
  • Log in to a terminal server
  • LAN access control based on Port-based Network Access Control (802.1X)
  • Remote network login using VPN and L2TP/PPTP protocols
  • Web Authentication (HTTPS)
  • BitLocker encryption
  • MS Outlook e-mail: encryption and signature
  • E-signature - MS Office and Adobe Acrobat/Reader
  • Compatible with third-party applications based on MS CAPI and PKCS # 11

For companies and businesses

  • Personalize and manage OKsmart in OKbase CMS
  • Card remote unblock
  • Card management via corporate web manager
  • We deliver OKsmart on either Gemalto or Oberthur Technologies chip cards


40 000

use our cards

50 companies
in Czech Republic

work with OKsmart

6 government institutions and state organizations

use our smartcards

Our clients

We provide IT solutions to companies of all sizes, as you can see from our client portfolio.

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Secure, encrypted operations with OKsmart!

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What are our customers interested in?

OKsmart and Windows 10?

OKsmart supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windowx 8.x and Windows 10.

How many cards can I order?

Any number of cards.

Which cards do you offer?

Smartcards by Gemalto or Oberthur Technologies

How to set up Windows for OKsmart?

If you use Windows Server Update Services, you only need to allow OKsmart3 drivers or to distribute the drivers using GPO or System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2. For Windows XP, you need to install the drivers manually.


OKSmart 3

32bit version, oksmart32-minidriver.msi (1.89 MB, MSI)

64bit version, oksmart64-minidriver.msi (2.26 MB, MSI)

Installing the minidriver version 3.0.4 pro Windows XP a Windows Vista (ve Windows 7, 8.x a 10 is installed automatically by Windows Update). Update 27. 9. 2016.

32bit version, oksmart3-regchange32.msi (40 KB, MSI)

64bit version, oksmart3-regchange64.msi (40 KB, MSI)

Enable import of key pairs to OKsmart 3 via minidriver technology via interface CryptoAPI/CNG (Modification of configuration for Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Provider Windows in Windows register) - version 1.0.0. Update 25. 1. 2016.

32bit version, oksmart32-pkcs11.msi (1.10 MB, MSI)

64bit version, oksmart64-pkcs11.msi (1.46 MB, MSI)

Installation PKCS#11 library version 3.0.4 for Windows XP and higher. The library is available under name oksmartpkcs11.dll. Update 3. 6. 2016

64bit version, oksmart-fedora-3.0.4-0.x86_64.rpm (240 kB, RPM)

Installation PKCS#11 library version 3.0.4 for Fedora Linux 23 x86_64 and higher. The library is available under name, typically located in a folder /usr/lib64. Update 21. 7. 2016.

64bit version, oksmart-debian-3.0.4-0.amd64.deb (214 kB, deb)

Installation PKCS#11 library version 3.0.4 for Debian Linux 8.5 amd64 and higher. The library is available under name, typically located in a folder /usr/lib. Update 21. 7. 2016.

libokpkcs11.dylib (774 kB) OKsmart3_PKCS11_3.0.4.pkg (273 kB)

Library PKCS#11 version 3.0.4 pro OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher (independent) and library installer PKCS#11 verze 3.0.4 pro OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher. Library is available in app under name libokpkcs11.dylib, typically located in a folder /Library/Application Support/OKsmart3_PKCS11. Update 21. 7. 2016.

OKsmart 3 Manager for desktop

OKSmart3Manager_32.msi (2.04 MB, MSI) OKSmart3Manager_64.msi (2,40 MB, MSI)

Installation OKsmart 3 Manager for desktop, version 3.0.1 for Windows XP and higher. Requires libraries .NET Framework 3.5 and missing library instalation PKCS#11 OKsmart 3 (the library is contained in the installer), or PKCS#11 OKsmart installation 3 in version 3.0.4 and higher. Update 3. 6. 2016.

OKSmart 2

OKsmart 2.2.1 64bit for Windows

Demoversion (11.5 MB, ZIP), Update 23. 2. 2012

OKsmart 2.2.1 32bit for Windows

Demoversion (7.5 MB, ZIP), Update 23. 2. 2012

OKsmart (flyer)

Size 216 kB, PDF

We need to personalize and issue a small number of smartcards. Do we need the software?

No. We can deliver personalized contact or contactless smartcards.

We want to record our employees' attendance with contactless cards. How do we proceed?

You can issue, personalized and manage contactless cards in OKbase HCM system which is connected to the Attendance records.

Which cards readers can we use?

OKsmart is compatible with all card readers. However, we recommend Gemalto or HID Global.

Linux and OKsmart

64-bit Fedora and Debian. Other derived distributions that can use the installation packages for these distributions can also be used.

macOS and OKsmart

OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher versions

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