03 May 2017

Babelnet Successfully Introduced in Vietnam

OKsystem, a member company of a business delegation to Vietnam organized by Network Security and Monitoring Cluster,… Read more

18 January 2017

GDPR example: Deutsche Bank Bans Text Messages, WhatsApp on Company Phones

Deutsche Bank AG has banned text messages and communication apps such as WhatsApp on company-issued phones in an effort to improve compliance standards. The policy also applies to private phones… Read more

09 January 2017

Reasons not to use Skype

Skype refuses to say whether it can eavesdrop on calls, messages are not encrypted for the whole trip and Microsoft can read them. And many more... Read in more detail what Richard Stallman… Read more

06 January 2017

Electronic Frontier Foundation - Encryption was growing significantly in 2016

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is engaged in the promotion and protection of freedom and privacy on the Internet, refers to 2016 as one when it started to significantly use encryption… Read more

03 January 2017

FBI admits that it can unlock most devices they need to get into

The FBI is able to unlock or access data on most of the phones and computers it encounters during its investigations, as well as those of local and state cops, according to the bureau’s General… Read more

15 December 2016

A Backdoor in Skype for Mac OS X

A Backdoor in Skype for Mac OS X - vulnerability in Desktop API that enables third parties to modify messages and create chat sessions, ability to log and record Skype call audio to disk and… Read more

08 December 2016

WhatsApp hacked from a Backpack

Still under impression that your communication is private? WhatsApp encrypted chat hacked from a backpack...   More at: Read more

07 December 2016

Stop considering email as a secure way to communicate privately - encrypt your communications

Stop considering email as a secure way to communicate privately - encrypt your communications! Your privacy is increasingly threatened by hackers, governments, etc.   More at:… Read more

21 November 2016

Chinese Androids with backdoors - sending your data to Chinese servers

Chinese smartphones with Android OS contain backdoors in its firwmare - backdoors that are sending sending your personal information to Chinese… Read more

11 November 2016

LawTech 2016 Survey

Survey we did among the LawTech 2016 conference atendees clearly shows that EU legal infosecurity needs more serious approach, client data threatened, see the image below for more data.   Read more

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