By protecting your corporate data, you are protecting your business

Privacy, confidentiality and data security are the heart of our business. By offering cutting-edge, tailor-made solutions we ensure our clients full confidence.


Your internal business and personal communication platform

Mobile communication is an easy and vulnerable target for hackers. The only useful defense against these hacks is strong encrypted communication and secured communication against 3rd party interference.

Babelnet was developed as a unique solution for enterprise to protect confidential information, (e.g. law firms, financial institutions, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, ministries and individuals).


Main benefits

Strong cryptography

Babelnet uses strong cryptography. Each and every message is encrypted between users and stays encrypted even while being stored on the device.

No digital certificates

No need to pay and maintain digital certificates. Secure administration, distribution and synchronization of cryptographic keys on mobile devices are secured by a Babelnet server, and is directly connected to your company’s directories.

No 3rd party servers

With Babelnet you can communicate within your platform with no 3rd party involvement; without Babelnet this is out of your control.

Secure storage

Each message is encrypted not only during the transmission, but in the application sandbox as well. For decrypting this message, all you need to enter is your password.


SmartCard Management System

OKbase is a very efficient tool to manage and support smart cards, cryptographic keys and digital certificates for employees and clients. You can use personalized smart cards for secure encryption, authentication, electronic signature and wide range of contactless applications.


Security based on smartcards

OKsmart enables you to take full advantage of security based on smartcards in an extremely easy and efficient way. No installation is needed, smartcards with OKsmart applet work automatically within Windows environment. Electronic signatures, authentication and encryption are all enabled in both Windows and Linux.


Document and agenda management system

Obtain maximum information from paper and electronic documents. Capture information and extract data, without rewriting.

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