Document and agenda management system, supporting computerization and automation of business processes.

GDPR ready

Why bother with piles of paper?

Obtain maximum information from paper and electronic documents. Capture information and extract data, without rewriting!

  • Order: Each type of document has its own place, everything is registered, everything in an electronic form.
  • Comfort: OKdox provides your data with full comfort of the advanced system DMS/ECM.
  • Interconnection: You can easily find related documents thus obtaining all pertinent information.
  • Even supports non-document data formats: Audio, video, compressed data, projects...

Easy search

With a small number of documents, you are bound to accomplish the task. But when you are dealing with hundreds, or thousands of documents, it soon becomes is a daunting task., Eespecially if you store paper documents at remote facilities.

With its search and filter tools, OKdox provides maximum search comfort and speed for the information stored.

Document flow management

Approval circles, applications, approvals of orders and invoices, distribution of documents and directives. These are the most common document transfers within an organization.

E-mail communication, storage in a file server will never provide you with as much comfort, reliability and safety as OKdox tools for information flow management – workflow do. This includes keeping an eye on deadlines and continuities and without copying!


The main purpose of electronic management of data or content in general is to increase accessibility of information and to ensure that it is easy to search. This is often in contrast with the fact that certain pieces of information must be protected for various reasons.

  • Robust software and hardware technologies by OKdox ensure system safety in relation to a physical loss or reduction of accessibility of data in the system.
  • Symbiosis with OKsmart, biometric authentication and encryption methods will secure information against any unauthorized access.

Long-term storage of electronic documents, electronic signatures, timestamps and, of course, connection to legislation are characteristics which make OKdox an ideal solution for everyone who values their data.

Access management and audit

Same as you lock paper documents in cabinets, electronic documents must also be looked after.

Who can read and look up information or a document, when and who opened a document, when was a task accomplished during approval, where did an approved document get stuck. OKdox will provide you the answers thanks to its sophisticated rights management and incorporated audit mechanisms.

Interconnection with other systems

Synergy formed by connecting various information systems brings undeniable advantages. Data unambiguity, eliminating duplicities, being up-to-date, keeping a good track.

OKdox technology makes integration with nearly any information system possible. Through interconnecting and transferring data at the lowest level – at the database level, through web services – SOAP, using ESB, or simply through transferring data in standard formats.

Any questions? Please give us a ring and we will gladly provide you with further information.

Do you know, it has been determined that 70 % of the success of using a solution for management of documents and content in general is dependent on acceptance by end users and only 1 % on the software functionality?

Since we have over 1000 satisfied customers, we understand your needs.

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