Prepare for course with electronic handbook and save the environment

OKsystem news

September 2, 2016

A possibility how we can contribute to the environmental protection is using electronic documents instead of paper documents.

Even you have the choice whether to prefer a traditional paper handbook or an electronic handbook for your authorized Microsoft course at our training center. For all SUSE Linux courses and some of the Cisco courses only the electronic version of handbook is available.

If you choose an electronic handbook you will receive login data and you can log on and study your handbook at any time and from any device. You need just an internet connection. In case that no internet connection is available you can view your handbook also in the offline mode in a special application.

When updating a Microsoft or Cisco course, with the electronic version of your handbook you always have the latest version of the handbook.

Our company provides support also through OKdox for electronic document circulation to replace paper documentation.

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