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We will digitalize your payroll processes. We can make it easier for you to devote yourself fully to running your business.

Ivana Hamplová
Head of Payroll Outsourcing

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Benefits of working with us

We will take over responsibility for correct payroll processing in accordance with current tax and labor law regulations, as well as for all communication with the authorities.

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Switching to our payroll outsourcing means you also will get a professional OKbase solution to attendance and the personnel system together with a web application for electronic sending and confirmation of all tax and payroll documents.


You no longer have to worry if your payroll accountant is sick, going on maternity leave, has given notice, or is retiring. Our team will always ensure and meet your payroll deadline.


We eliminate unnecessary printing of documents. Employees can view their pay slips and pension insurance records on their phones or computers. The annual signing of Taxpayer Declarations or Requests for Annual Tax Settlement can be done electronically as well.

Regulatory timeliness

We process payrolls in programs that we develop ourselves. Our developers make sure that the programs are readjusted in a timely manner to the latest regulatory changes.


Outsourcing payroll processing guarantees confidentiality of information about the company’s payroll policy.

Expertise and helpfulness

Our coworkers are professionally qualified in payroll processing, the Labor Code, taxes, wage-garnishment issues, and travel reimbursements. You will always get qualified answers to your questions.

What are your most frequently asked questions?

Can you handle bulk entry?

Yes, payroll files can also be submitted to us in bulk. We can process outputs from your attendance system as well as files with prepared bonuses or deductions.

Will you prepare an output for the financial accounting?

Yes, of course. We guarantee updates. The system is always prepared in accordance with valid tax and labor law regulations. Based upon a detailed analysis, we prepare a file every month that you will simply input to your financial accounting.

Is the scope of the payroll processing limited in any way? Must all employees have access to the internet?

We can process any number of payroll files, so the number of personnel is not limited. In case an employee does not have access to the internet, we can arrange for pay slips and other documents to be sent by post.

Will you send out the wages to the employees for us?

Yes, this is possible. If you subscribe to our Bank Account Rental service, you simply transfer the total amount to the account before the payday and we will take care of distributing the payroll to the individual employees.

Can you prepare Annual Tax Settlement, Taxpayer Declarations, and pension insurance records electronically?

Yes, employees can exchange documents with the payroll accountant directly from their computers or mobile phones. The OKbase system, in which we process payroll, supports digitalization.

Can employees view their pay slips on their mobile phones?

Yes, because we use the OKbase HR web application and its payroll module, sending documents by post is no longer necessary. Employees can view their pay slips directly on their mobile phones or computers. For employees who do not have the option to pick up electronic pay slips, however, these are delivered by post.

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