We calculate your payroll in accordance with all laws and regulations.

We ensure comfort and savings, deep knowledge and long experience in payroll outsourcing which we can adapt to your needs.

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Benefits of working with us

We take full responsibility for your payroll. We communicate with the authorities on your behalf. We reduce your overall operational costs.

Reduce operational costs

Our customers have saved 10 – 40 % of their operational costs after starting to use payroll outsourcing.

Consistency and Reliability

Is the accountant on sick leave, vacation or have they quit? Not to worry; your pay day is always kept with us.


We guarantee your payroll is calculated in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and on time.

Legislation updates

We do payroll in our own payroll system. Our developers update the system immediately or ahead of time so that it is in compliance and up-to-date with all new laws and regulations.


Payroll outsourcing means a higher level of data security. You can much better manage who knows how much other employees are earning.

Expertise and Responsiveness

Our team of accountants constantly follow changes in regulations and research current trends.

Why OKsystem is right for you?


We have over 20 years of experience with doing payroll.


Our developers closely cooperate with our accountants. We have developed our own payroll system, therefore, we are fully flexible in meeting our clients´ needs.

Electronic payslip

We offer an electronic payslip distribution. Your benefits are: reduced costs, convenience and better security of personal and payroll data.

Are you interested in outsourcing payroll processing in your company?

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Can you calculate any and all payroll adjustments (bonuses, penalties, commission)?

Yes, wage adjustments can also be assigned to us in bulk. We can process outputs from your attendance system as well as files with prepared compensation or deductions.

Do you provide us with outputs and data for our Financial Deparment?

Yes, we do. We guarantee our system is always in compliance with tax and labour law regulations. Upon a more detailed analysis, we prepare monthly a file which you only have to record into your accounting.

Is the scope of payroll outsourcing somehow limited?

No, it is not. We can calculate any amount of items for your payroll.

Do you send the payments directly?

Yes, it is possible if you order our Bank Account Service. Before pay day, you will only transfer the total amount into this account and we will take care of sending the payments to the individual employees.