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Digital transformation

It is no longer enough today to just convert processes and documents into electronic form. It is necessary to focus on the very essence of the processes. The goal is to “do the right things right.”

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Digitalization of public administration, commercial organizations, and multinational companies

True digital transformation means a whole new way of looking at what we do, how we do it, and for whom. The result is a better level of service delivery and communication both with clients and within the organization itself.

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  • Paperless
  • Automatization
  • Artificial intelligence

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Our specialists with high-level certifications in Oracle, Microsoft, or Cisco technologies will make sure that everything fits to the last detail.


processes every minute


electronic sumbissions per minute



TB of operational data

Doing right things efficiently

If state-of-the art technology is to bring a real qualitative shift to an organization, both internally and externally, it is necessary to undertake a thoughtful rearrangement of processes and ways of working. The result is a better level of service delivery and communication with clients as well as within the organization itself.


Central offices

We help building offices for the 21st century. Thanks to modern technology and digitalization, a living room, cottage or beach on holiday becomes a branch with 24/7 office hours.


Local administrations

Digitalization of HR processes is an important part of administrative transformation. For more than 7,000 employees of city and regional authorities and their organizations who use our OKbase HR solutions, this is a fact of daily life.


Commercial organizationse

New functions and qualitatively new possibilities can open up for companies through digital transformation using elements of artificial intelligence, an area in which we have been testing and implementing specific solutions for several years.

If you are considering similar projects, OKsystem is the right place for you.

Who are our customers?

Vítězslav Ciml

The world of IT and the internet brings us great opportunities, but also risks. Data volumes, transaction numbers, demands on processing speed and for digitalization of processes are constantly increasing across all sectors. For a long time, we have been working on projects with the very highest demands for management, availability, flexibility and, above all, security – we have been taking care of some clients for more than 30 years. Our excellent insight means we are able to come up with solutions and innovations that make sense and help our customers to achieve better results.

Ing. Vítězslav Ciml

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Leading Czech and multinational companies use our products and solutions.

Our software solutions help make solving complex processes simple.

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