Do you hesitate between in-class training and e-learning?

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August 16, 2017

E-learning have been promoted for several years when more employees needed to be educated. Recently, e-learning courses have also begun to penetrate the field of IT training for professionals. Is this the most suitable method of teaching for professional IT courses?

In the case of e-learning, students can choose the time and the place where to study. This can be an advantage but also a disadvantage. It places a great demand on student’s discipline. In today's fast moving time, it's hard to find a moment to concentrate on studying. This is exactly the advantage of in-class training: you can concentrate undisturbed on studying of the topic.

Another factor to be considered is the absence of instructor during e-learning. You have no opportunity to clarify any additional questions with the instructor and you have no immediate feedback and control, which is especially important for professional trainings.

However, if high workload, bad accessibility, or other similar reasons make it impossible to attend an in-class course, the e-learning course may be an alternative. You can find a wide selection of Microsoft electronic courses in our offer. This course consists of educational video, electronic textbook with the introductions and access to hands-on labs. An integral part is also the assessment of the acquired knowledge. Courses are in English. The course takes usually 30 to 40 hours. By purchasing the course you get a license for just one user. The access to the materials is valid for 3 months, the handbook is for an unlimited period of time. Details, including a list of available courses, can be found here, or please contact our sales representatives if you need help.

Price for 1 Microsoft course for 1 person: 15 900 CZK without VAT

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