A new way of reading attendance with bluetooth technology

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June 13, 2023

Save money and time with innovation. The combination of the mobile application "OKbase terminal" and the Bluetooth beacon can replace a large attendance terminal. Employees can record attendance without having to hold their phone to a specific device. It is enough to be within range of a Bluetooth beacon.

Simplicity is power! Turn on and enjoy.

The acquisition, installation and setting of beacons is simple, as is technical maintenance, it is enough to replace the button battery once in a while. You don't need reboots, updates or power supply, ethernet or Wi-Fi. No terminal or smart card obsolescence.

Low-level Bluetooth beacon - the small plastic triangular or round "thing" with a diameter of 3 cm is easily placed and attached at the reception desk, in the branch office, mobile office on the construction site, at the cash desk of the store or restaurant, or at any other place you choose for logging in.

You can download the Terminal OKbase mobile application for free from Google Play or the Apple Store, and everyone is guaranteed to have the bluetooth function on their smartphone. The application can also be used by employees with phones that do not have an NFC chip. You can tell if the mobile phone is connected to the beacon by the lit green icon next to the user's photo.

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