Checkbot has taken two important steps on the road to international robotics

OKsystem news

June 3, 2022

We became the first Czech company to be a member of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR). The presidium of this organization approved our application in April this year. IFR is a global organization, uniting several dozen of the world's leading robot manufacturers and companies that manufacture robot accessories. This is a logical step in the development of our Checkbot application, a monitoring solution for Yaskawa robots. The tool met with success with the first customers from Czech production companies that use automation on a larger scale, and last year we therefore started selling it abroad.


"This is another step by which we confirm our aspiration to make a more significant impact with our software in the field of international robotics. Already in the first quarter of this year, the European division of the world's largest robot manufacturer Yaskawa listed the Checkbot software among the recommended accessories for its robots. We are now accepted into the International Robotics Federation and we expect to be able to further raise the profile of our developers and sell them in other countries. We also want to use our membership in IFR to exchange know-how with the most important players in the field of robotics. Based on this, we will further develop our software, "commented Vladimír Fuchs, the company's sales director, on the admission to the International Robotics Federation.

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