Easy record of employee testing in OKbase

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January 17, 2022

From 17 January, companies are obliged to preventively test their employees with antigen tests twice a week, regardless of whether employees are vaccinated or have contracted COVID-19. Currently, only people working from home have an exception. The administration associated with the entire record of tests, exceptions or requests for contributions is undoubtedly demanding.

In the spring of 2021, we incorporated a solution for our customers into the OKbase personnel system, which will make this record clearer and enable you to involve the employees themselves.

In a short video, we present this solution using modified User Forms.

Form for entering the test by an employee from the OKbase self-service website

OKbase – a simple form for entering the result of a self-test by an employee

The sales department of or support ( - for existing OKbase customers) will provide you with further information if you are interested.

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