GDPR 2020: World news

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January 10, 2020

Czech Republic

Concerning its previous supervisory practice, the Office for Personal Data Protection was published on 8.1 2020 "List of types of processing operations (not) subjected to a personal data protection impact assessment requirement", by which it has expanded its originally published list of operations subject to assessment (DPIA). Both lists are available in detail here.



Dení reported on the first large public opinion poll regarding facial scans in China. 74% of the total 6154 respondents want to be able to choose between a face scanner and traditional identification via proof of identity. And while up to 70% of participants agreed that facial recognition can make life easier and more secure, they also fear that biometric data will leak into the wrong hands and want more control over it. 84% of respondents were in favor of access to data.

In Europe, the GDPR has legalized this right of people to have access to the data that is processed about them.



In California, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), similar to GDPR, is now in force in early January 2020. Under this law, the right to delete your data enters into force. The impact of the law on technology companies located in large numbers in California can be expected on a global scale. Mozilla has already announced that it will implement CCPA rules, which affect, for example, the Firefox browser. It's users thus gain the right to delete everything that the service provider knows about them on a global scale. Detailed information can be obtained at

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