Homeoffice and your own desk are standard in our company, says Eva Vodenková in an interview with Computerworld

Media presence

December 13, 2021

Job interviews conducted exclusively online or the first face-to-face meeting with a new colleague even months after arriving at a company. Such situations had to be dealt with by companies during the pandemic. Eva Vodenková, our HR and Operations Director, spoke out in an interview with Computerworld about how the way we work and communicate has changed during this time, the demands it places on staff and managers, and whether there have been any redundancies.

In the interview, you will read that homeoffice and your own desk in the office are already standard in OKsystem, how much trust plays a role in us, and in what our OKbase staffing system contributes to greater flexibility.

The full interview was published in the printed issue of Computerworld 12/2021.

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