News have done review of BabelApp and appreciated especially its unique security

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October 7, 2020
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The server, one of the leading professional online magazines in the field of new technologies and applications, has published a review of the BabelApp communication platform. Compared to competing applications, they've highlighted the high level of security, which stands out on the market thanks to the unique combination of cryptography used together with the use of security features of the Bitcoin virtual currency network and its Blockchain.


You can read the full review here:

Or in english version below.


Forget WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber. BabelApp runs on blockchain technology

BabelApp (free trial for AndroidiOSmacOS and Windows) is the first communication platform protecting its users’ data using blockchain technology, which is known mainly from the field of cryptocurrencies. BabelApp chose for its purposes one of the safest networks, the same as used by bitcoin. Transactions within this network are used to uncover potential threats.


If the blockchain network protection is activated on a given BabelApp server, anybody may communicate with you without fearing an attack. Until now, this was possible to ensure only through mutual voice call and verification of public keys (as is the case with Whatsapp, Viber, Messenger and others), which is the most pressing issue of standard end-to-end encryption.

Encrypted are not only voice calls between smartphones but also text messages, audio, video and other documents. Messages and documents sent and received are also encrypted once saved on the given device.


By means of integration with other applications, automated and secure transmission of information between company applications and users is secured. BabelApp is useful not only for plain chatting but mainly when you need to deal with sensitive topics the details of which must not be leaked.

Even though the background of the service is quite complicated, the user interface is very simple. It is divided into clearly arranged tabs and is completely in Czech. The one thing you cannot skip is creating your own account. To learn more about how BabelApp works, go to the service’s website. The free tariff will be sufficient for individuals while companies will probably choose one of the paid tariffs.

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