OKbase Day 2024: Do you know how to understand your Generation Z colleagues?

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April 30, 2024

On April 25, 2024, we organized our annual conference for customers of OKbase HR solution. Although the conference hall at our OKsystem Prague headquarters is large, we can't do without the hybrid organization of this event.

Thanks to the live stream, hundreds more guests were able to join us.

You can see the atmosphere of the day in the short aftermovie or in photo gallery:


 OKbase Day is neither a regular HR conference nor a mere social event. The whole day is dedicated to the work-related topics concerning the OKbase system, its new features and the questions our customers have for us.  We give a lot of space to the legal issues that we are incorporating into the system during the year, because people in payroll and HR departments need to be familiar with and study the legal "background" and we like to provide them with that. That is why this time we have invited experts who can explain the changes in employment law and their application in practice in a clear way. 
This year's edition will be remembered not only thanks to many pleasant meetings, great photos from the photo box, the excavated surroundings of the Pankrác subway, but mainly because of the additional topic of us and Generation Z, which was amusingly summarized by comedian and presenter Jiří Charvát in a stand-up called: How to get along with GenZ colleagues at work (19 minutes) and in funny quizzes.


We gave the guests of the conference a handy dictionary of 80 selected abbreviations and expressions that we picked up in the communication of our youngest colleagues. You can download it for free here (in Czech) and find out what it means when someone flexes, disses or is ghosting you. 


OKbase Day 2024: recordings of the lectures 

Thanks to feedback from participants and their detailed evaluations, we know that the programme line-up for the day met expectations.

We invite you to watch the recordings of the top-rated talks:

Recording: Employment Law Update
- doc. JUDr. Jakub Morávek, Ph.D. (62 minutes)

Recording: Summary of OKbase product development and upcoming plans
- Vojtěch Klimeš (48 minutes)


Recording: Digitalisation in OKbase or live demonstrations of how to simplify your work in the HR/Payroll department using the available OKbase functions.
- Kamil Štanda (81 minutes)
These and the remaining recordings can be found in the playlist here

Quotes from participant reviews

Jiří Charvát - TOP for me, I'm glad you dared to invite him again :-)

..I was blown away by the UFO (user forms) option - setting up employees via a questionnaire straight into the system. Furthermore, the possibility to communicate directly with the state administration from OKbase...

I liked this year's event very much in all aspects, it even exceeded my expectations. Thank you for everything.

Otherwise, it was probably the most practical OKBase day so far, even if the lawyers in the discussion didn't agree on much:-)

Perfect organization of the event, the vocabulary of generation Z was inspiring and the quizz option for FoMo ... father out, mother out, that one amused me extremely.

Thank you for the information on how to better set up OKbase and make my job easier. I welcome the option of extra modules to make more use of OKbase.

The content of the event is very rewarding and every year it's a little different - last year practical workshops, this year a panel discussion, so participants always have a lot to look forward to and take away a lot of information and experience - at least that's how I see it. And of course Mr. Charvat's witty inputs are invaluable. I haven't laughed so much in a long time :-)

The presentations of Mr. Štanda and Dr. Morávek were beneficial for me. Mr. Klimeš as always informed very well about the future of OK.

Overall evaluation - for me a really excellent event, where I can meet in person once a year all those with whom I normally communicate only electronically. 

I will remember Mr. Klimeš's lecture, it was fast-paced for me and packed with information just as I would have expected. I mean - we already know this and it looks like this - we want to know this and we imagine it like this :-).

An in-person questionnaire that newbies can fill out online and the data will be flushed into our system. That's the bomb. :)

The speakers were excellent, the content of the message was the most important and very beneficial for me, as we unfortunately use beyska at such an awfully small percentage and I really liked what I saw at Mr. Štanda's presentation and I would like to change a few things in our company and get them into our company as well

In general, I welcome a certain "informality" that Jiří Charvát gives to the event. This fresh format will surely be appreciated by a number of participants. As far as the professional topics are concerned, as in the previous year, Jakub Morávek exceeds all of them - with his insight and speech, it is a pleasure to listen to such a person. 

"Live today, don't worry about tomorrow." This is a sentence that came from the absolutely brilliant Jakub Morávek on the topic of the DPP legislation. It summed up everything about the amendment perfectly. 

We had a great lecture with Mr. Štanda, who showed us new ways of working with OKbase. It gave us a lot of new ideas on how to do things better...easier.


A selection of photos from OKbase Day 2024


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