OKsystem meets the security criteria of ProcessUnity Global Risk Exchange

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May 21, 2024

ProcessUnity Global Risk Exchange, an IT risk and vulnerability assessment platform (formerly Cyber GRX), conducted a comprehensive security assessment of our infrastructure. Oksystem met all VENDOR RISK MANAGEMENT criteria and was evaluated as a trusted IT vendor.

Why do we value the assessment and what specifically does that mean?

This assessment represents an official confirmation by an independent expert affirming that we are performing the security policy well. The certification remains valid for the next consecutive months (from the 19th of February 2024). After the expiration of the term, a follow-up audit will be conducted and the results will be updated.

The primary benefit is for our customers, who can optimise their IT system supplier selection process significantly thanks to the ProcessUnity Platform. This enables them to minimise the workload associated with cybersecurity assessments and reduce financial costs on expert internal human resources. Their teams can proactively monitor a substantial portion of their current and prospective supplier portfolio.

How did we achieve inclusion in the “circle of trust”?

The field of IT security is very important nowadays, and companies are paying increasing attention to it. One of our esteemed customers needed to provide their parent headquarters abroad with a very detailed security report so that OKbase could become part of their system. Since it was a questionnaire from the Cyber GRX portal, which we assessed as very trustworthy, we decided to comply with the request and demonstrate our strong position in the field of IT security.

Mr. Jaroslav Dvořák, the Security Expert at Oksystem, responded to nearly 400 questions related to IT infrastructure, IT security, data encryption, development of security policies, risk management strategies, vendor selection, application security, and securing services both in development and production, employee training, physical security, GDPR compliance, and more. He also documented the appropriate steps within People, Process and Technology that we ensure across Strategic, Operational, Core, Management, and Privacy.

ProcessUnity is an IT risk and vulnerability assessment platform used worldwide. It contains detailed information about risks, supplier assessments, and their customers. It serves thousands of third-party entities worldwide. For more details, please refer to the provided links:

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