OKsystem the main partner of the Floorball Superfinal 2022

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April 25, 2022

For the second time in a row, OKsystem became the main partner of the 2022 Superfinal in floorball, which this time took place in a busy O2 arena.

Why OKsystem and floorball? A few years ago, we developed an application for the International Floorball Association "IFF events", thanks to which it is possible to monitor the online results of matches around the world. This eventually resulted in the idea that we could deepen our connection with floorball. And it was the partnership on the occasion of the 10th Super Final that was the best possible choice.

Throughout the day, April 9, 2022, the final matches in this formerly enthusiastic sport took place in the O2 arena in Prague, the popularity of which is growing year by year. From the morning we were at the final matches of girls and boys and through the women's finals we wandered to the very top of the whole event - the men's final 2022. The team dominated Mladá Boleslav only after overtime and more than 12 thousand spectators in the O2 arena hall with enthusiasm like the other tens of thousands, they watched Czech Television on the ČT sport channel. Congratulations to Mladá Boleslav and we look forward to next year again!

You can watch the match on the Czech Television website.

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