OKsystem Zlatý kanár 2022

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December 12, 2022

Behind every sporting success is not only talent and a bit of luck, but mainly determination, hard work and perseverance, qualities that are important for business. That is also why we like to support sports at OKsystem. For the second time this year, we are a partner in the ceremonial announcement of the results of the Tenis magazine poll on the best Czech tennis players of the year.

 Watch with us who Petr Vichnar invites to the podium to accept the Zlatý kanár or one of the other 11 awards. The jubilee 30th edition of OKsystem Zlatý kánár 2022 will be broadcast live by ČT sport on December 19 at 8:15 p.m. During the evening, you will see, among others, the group Slza and Helena Vondráčková on stage.

Organized by Tennis Přerov – TK PRECHEZA Přerov and Sport Management in cooperation with the Czech Tennis Association and Czech Television.

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