The conference with Steve Wozniak is postponed to April 29, 2021

OKsystem news

October 15, 2020

Due to the government measures in connection with the COVID-19 viral disease, we agreed with Steve Wozniak to postpone the conference from November 12 this year to April 29, 2021. We are really sorry that you will have to wait for the speech of Apple co-founder and the architect of Apple I. and II., but unfortunately the current situation does not allow us to ensure a dignified course of the conference.


We've invited Steve Wozniak to Prague to celebrate the 30th anniversary of OKsystem. "This is an important milestone for our company, which we’ve wanted to celebrate with one of the world's reputable IT visionaries. Steve Wozniak is one of the few these personalities, "said Martin Procházka, the OKsystem co-founder. At the OKtalks conference, organized by OKsystem in cooperation with the Czech Technical University, Wozniak will talk about communication security and artificial intelligence, and will also present a personal vision of the future in the digital age.

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