The obstacle to the digitalization of the state is not IT suppliers, but legislation, says Vítězslav Ciml in E15

OKsystem news

June 3, 2022

Many suppliers of IT solutions offer absurdly low hourly rates in state tenders and then catch up with the execution price by many times overstaffing. What needs to be changed so that contracts for the state do not end with often unfinished projects or with a significantly exceeded price? Why aren't government officials easy and often make seemingly illogical decisions? What is the biggest obstacle to digitizing the state? And what makes Industry 4.0 a huge opportunity for our state to take advantage of?

In today's interview of our director Vítězslav Ciml in the E15 daily, you can read about all this and what projects we are proud of for the state, what main topics we solve on contracts in the commercial sphere and what goals we go abroad with with our products.


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