The SLDB 2021 Online project has been successfully closed

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April 11, 2022

The census of people, houses and flats 2021 was conducted for the first time in history mainly in electronic form. From March 27 to May 11, OKsystem ran an application that counted 85% of the Czech population. The system processed more than 4.2 million electronic forms. This result exceeded all estimates and expectations regarding the use of the online form before the actual launch of SLDB 2021. The online part of the SLDB system was available to the public throughout the census, with the original plan assuming its operation only in the first two weeks.

The Settlement Agreement between the CZSO and OKsystem, which is the result of a series of negotiations between the two parties, entered into force today. This settles the event accompanying the launch of SLDB Online on March 27, 2021, as a result of which the system was unavailable to the public during part of the first day of the run or its functionality and performance were limited.

The incident was thoroughly investigated by both parties, and the CZSO also used the services of external specialized entities and experts. There is no longer a consensus on the factors and causes that led to the event and the extent of its fault. The result of the agreement is the acceptance of the SLDB Online operation phase without reservations. It also includes a significant discount on the price, which corresponds to the value of 12 days of system operation in the extended period from April 9 to May 11, 2021. For each hour of operational difficulties during the first day, the CZSO received the day of system operation free of charge.

"I perceive the entire SLDB Online project as successful, and its use by the public has exceeded the expectations of the CZSO itself. The standard of OKsystem is 100% satisfaction of customers and users of the delivered solutions. We feel that this was not the first day of the run. Regardless of the factors that contributed to the problem, we agreed with the CZSO to provide a discount, "said Vítězslav Ciml, director of OKsystem.

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