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January 2, 2024
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The partnership between OKsystem and schools has been ongoing for three consequent years, playing a crucial role in our corporate social responsibility (CRS) activities. Students are provided with the opportunity to learn how to work with software designed for their future specialisations, and representatives of our management directly lecture at their schools.

Feedback from schools indicates that students highly appreciate the specific experience and the practical insights given by our experts. Currently, students studying personnel management at the Faculty of Business and Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) and the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) have the chance to interact with them. As the developers of the OKbase program, one of the most widely used HR systems in the Czech market, we possess the necessary insight into the key topics for future HR professionals, payroll specialists, and operations managers. We intend to share our know-how with other schools as well.

As stated by Eva Vodenková and Vladimir Fuchs in the article and video for E15, the precious time we invest in educating students pays off. In return, we acquire a comprehensive understanding of the opinions held by future experts from Generation Z. This perspective is particularly intriguing for us, even as potential employers. 

Last but not least, we collaborate with the Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering Jecna 30 (SPSE Jecna), where we have assisted in equipping one of the most modern robotic classrooms with another of our successful software products - the Checkbot program, designed for monitoring the work of robots. Students learning programming and control of Yaskawa industrial robots here enhance their expertise and market value, thanks to Checkbot. We summarise the collaboration in a short documentary video.

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