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Life Cycle

It goes without saying that we have a long-term relationship with our clients and are reliable partners at all stages of the project life cycle.

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A thorough analysis of the client's needs is the basis of a successful project. This includes a timeline, cost breakdown and technology recommendation based on the customer´s environments. For tailor-made solutions the customer helps choose the design and tools to be included.


After the initial analyses and tailoring the solution to the client´s needs. We are able to continue to develop the project.


In addition to the classical development methods, we are able to implement flexible development processes (scrum). This approach ensures rapid development of a first draft that the client can then add and modify based on their needs. This ensures that the client is involved throughout the development process.


We are able to test in every client´s individual environment with a special focus on the quality of the code, functionality and performance. We use automated testing tools as well as a team of experienced testers.


We can either implement the solution directly in the client's environment or in our own servers which we guarantee the integrity, availability and maintenance. We as well provide 24x7 monitoring to ensure complete availability.

Support and development

Support for the system and its users is in accordance to the agreed upon SLA. We are also able to program changes that are needed by the customer based on their current needs or legislative changes.


The following types of documentation are part of the delivery:



We are certified in quality management, information security (ISO 9000 and 27000) and environmentally friendly approach (ISO 14000).

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We fully guarantee the security of your system against attacks, unwanted disruption, unauthorized access, misuse of functions or data manipulation, and failure resistant.


Ministry of Labour
and Social Affairs

10 000 000+

10 million data entries manages our systems of Ministry´s clients

40 000 000 000+

40 billion CZK is paid by our systems in social benefits

10 000+

Over 10,000 users


OKcentrum is a comprehensive modular system through which financial support is given to people in need. This includes social support, disabled people, social and legal protection of children, recovery of child maintenance, respite care or insolvency.

Through this system, the Ministry can be in contact directly with clients, decide on state social support benefits (record and check the status of applications, overpayments, surcharges, receivables, etc.), record and administer seizures,as well as monitor and register participating companies. This system, which we started to develop at the turn of 2009 and in 2010, replaced IS OKdávky, an old system that had been operating since 1995.

To run OKcentrum effectively, we migrated data from 77 local databases into a centralized one. Currently, the system contains 31 modules and over 10 000 user accounts. OKcentrum covers the whole process from registering applications through assessment and decision making to issuing documents and payment regulations for accounting systems. OKcentrum is also connected to the Register of Territorial Identification , Addresses and Real Estate (RUIAN) and is used by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, regional authorities, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Office for International Legal Protection of Children.


OKpráce is an application software and an essential part of the Employment Services' information system that has been running and being constantly developed since 1996. OKpráce covers employment services (consultancy, registering job seekers, unemployment benefits, retraining, preparing administrative decisions, printing payslips, issuing certificates, employment mediation for EU citizens, job vacancies, and searching for job vacancies), employment of disabled people and foreigners in the Czech Republic.

This system was developed to meet the Active Employment Policy measures and is used by the Employment and Uninsured Social Benefits Management Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the General Directorate of the Czech Labour Office and more than 250 regional branches and offices of the Labour Office (all in all there are more than 5,500 user accounts).


OKnouze is an application software which manages payments to people in need and caregiver's allowances. The main functionality includes deciding on benefits, automatic monthly evaluation of claims and interconnection with other information systems (e.g. social service providers, subsidy management of providers and reporting, grant management of non-profit organizations, standardized record of social worker and grant management of senior and pro-senior organizations).

OKnouze has been running since 2006 and is used by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, regional authorities, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, municipal authorities deciding on benefits and applicants for subsidies. OKnouze is a centralized system that manages over 10,000 user accounts.

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