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December 15, 2017

Microsoft is pleased to support your students’ career development with a new and exciting progressive discount offer. Yes, you got it right! The more MCP exams they take within 9 months, the greater…

December 8, 2017

Canadian member of parliament Matthew Dubé was tracked through his cellphone for days, CBC reported. It all was part of a CBC/Radio-Canada demonstration of just how vulnerable Canada's phone networks…

November 20, 2017

The vulnerability, which Appthority researchers have dubbed Eavesdropper, was introduced when developers carelessly hard coded their credentials into mobile applications using Twilio for…

November 8, 2017

With the new Babelnet 5.2 version you now can securely make phone calls. The encrypted call is based on VoIP technology and the calls are encrypted directly on your mobile phones. Together with…

October 9, 2017

We have released a new update of Babelnet for Mac users. Download the latest version of Babelnet from your App Store. Look what is new in the app... Previewing, classifying or searching within…

September 27, 2017

Deloitte has confirmed that the company has been targeted by a sophisticated hack attack. The cyber attact compromised the confidential emails and plans of some of Deloitte blue-chip clients.

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